How to Set Up an Account and Buy Items on eBay


Do you know how to set up an account on eBay?

And are you figuring out the ways to buy your favorite items on eBay?

If this is what you need, you are coming to the right place. I am going to show you how to create an eBay account as well as how to purchase a product on this website. Let’s keep going!

How to Set Up an Account on eBay

If you are new to eBay and do not have an account yet, I am going to introduce a few easy steps to you immediately. By following my simple instructions, you are able to get started with eBay in a moment. Let’s get it on!

Step 1: Visit eBay website and click on Register

First of all, you need to search for the eBay website and load the page. Above the eBay logo on the top left side, you can see the tab Sign in and Register. To create a new account, you need to click on Register that will direct you to the new page.


Step 2: Enter your information

At this stage, you need to enter your personal information as below:

  • Your first name, last name, and your email address
  • Your username: In particular, you should not choose a name that is similar to your email since it is not available. In this case, eBay will give you some suggestions, then you can choose one name from these suggestions.
  • The password: this should have a certain strength, which needs at least 6 characters uppercase and lowercase. Moreover, it should include the numbers or the symbols to make it more secure. And also, make sure not to use either your email or your user ID to set your password.

After everything is filled out, you can click on Register, which is quite easy and straightforward for people of all ages.

Step 3: Login and have a tour around this website

Once you have your eBay account, you need to log in with your user ID and password that you have just created. It will take you straight into the account and you need to look at My eBay tab at the top right corner.


After clicking on My eBay, you can see a number of features in terms of your selling, your purchase, as well as your listings.

How to Buy Items on eBay

After having your own account on eBay website, you can feel free to make your initial purchase there. All of the steps are very easy and simple no matter how old you are and how good your technical skill is.

Step 1: Type in eBay address and search for your products

The first step you need to do is typing in the eBay address and then start searching your items by clicking on the search box. I highly recommend that you should use the broad terms and synonyms to get the most results.

Step 2: Choose your favorite item

You can search for anything you want regarding the electronics, the fashion, the home and garden, the jewelry and beauty, the sports, the motors, as well as the collectibles. After that, it will bring up over 500,000 products for you. You can scroll down and choose your favorite item.

On the left, you can choose the categories of products that you want to focus on. In particular, there are a number of product features that you can consider including the size type, the brand, the material, the brand type, the color, the condition, the price, the buying format, the item location, as well as the delivery option.

For instance, you can set a price range for yourself. And of course, you can select whether you want the item to be used, new with tags, together with new without tags. When you click on any product, the new page will load where it says how much your product costs, how many there are, and you can select your size.

Step 3: Place your order

On the top of the page, there are three options for you including All Listings, Auction, and Buy It Now. With the Auction, you can make the bid while the tab Buy it Now only allows you to buy the products without the bidding.


Buy it Now

If you choose the product with the label Buy it Now, you can click on either Buy it Now or Add to Cart.



Another option for making the purchase on eBay is to take part in the auction. You can click on the price box and type in the amount you want. When you scroll down the page, it will tell you more about this item. This will help you to easily decide if you should place the bid on this item.


When you win an item, you can go to My eBay and click on Purchase History. The item that you win will be displayed on this page and you need to enter your card details to make the payment. If you have any eBay coupons, do not forget to apply them into your purchase to have the best savings.


In summary, I hope that all of my sharing in this article will give you an overview of eBay account setup along with how to buy anything on this website. Every step is very simple and easy to follow. However, in case you have any confusion or queries, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime.

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