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Are you discovering the benefits of eBay coupons?

And do you know how to maximize your benefits when making the purchase on eBay?

If you do not have much idea in your mind, I am going to give you the clear answer. In particular, you will know whether you register for a personal account or a business account on eBay. Moreover, you will get to identify the amazing features of eBay Plus, eBay ShopBot, eBay shipping, eBay return policy, eBay coupons as well as how to buy the item on eBay. Let’s begin right now!

The Difference Between Personal Account and Business Account

Are you intending to explicitly buy the products to resell on eBay?

Most people register to have an eBay account to sell a few things from around the house or they are getting on eBay just to buy the products. These groups of people should only register a personal account.

If you are a type of person that is getting onto eBay because you are going to sell on a regular basis and you get the suppliers, it means that you are making a business. Then yes, you should set up a business account.

This business account also applies to anyone who wishes to become a trading assistant.

Moreover, if you are manufacturing items, then sell them on eBay at a profit, you will actually need a business account.

There are some advantages to both account types. If you are a private seller, then the fee structure is really simple for the exceptions of media and some of the technology categories. It is a flat 10 percent fee. You can also include the contact details, the term conditions, and the return details. By this way, the buyers can differentiate between a personal setup and the business setup.

What Is eBay ShopBot?

Have you ever heard about eBay ShopBot?


It is a completely different way to shop on eBay, which is a personal shopping assistant. It is going to assist you in finding the best deals and the coolest items quickly and easily. Powered by the artificial intelligence, eBay ShopBot will learn what you like and provides the best option for you while you shop.

This way can give you a more personal streamlined shopping experience every time. To start using the eBay ShopBot, you need to download the Facebook Messenger app firstly if you do not already have it. Once you have downloaded and signed into Facebook Messenger, you are ready to start shopping.

In the search field, type in eBay ShopBot and select it. Before your shopping, just send eBay ShopBot a message and tell it what you are looking for. eBay ShopBot has a natural language understanding built into it, which allows it to easily understand the way that you speak rather than the traditional search terms.

You can ask for something specific or a broader description. And of course, it will help you narrow down to the perfect item. You can also send it the other factors like colors, size, and your budgets. For instance, try texting something like ‘I would like Nike running shoes for under $100’.

eBay ShopBot is learning and growing with you along the way with each shopping journey. It is very strong at shopping in certain departments more than the others, but the more you use eBay ShopBot, the better and more expert it will be in a variety of different areas.

One of the most unique features is image shopping. An item you like in a store, on TV, on Instagram, or just walking in the street, snap a photo and submit to eBay ShopBot. It will come back with the similar items because eBay ShopBot helps you narrow down the options by asking the clarifying questions such as the colors, the sizes, or the brand.

You can select from the quick option buttons or type your own answer at any time. It is even learning to remember what you have already told it and which questions make more sense. eBay ShopBot also helps you get the right item for you with the smart personal guidance.

So, instead of showing you a list of items, it will show you the items that are the best deals out there, the trendiest items, or something that is the closest to what you want. It even lets you know if there is a better option, which can save you more time as eBay ShopBot will do the research work for you.

On top of that, eBay ShopBot will find the best prices by comparing the quality and watching the current trends. To save even more time, you can type in the size profile and quickly mark your size preferences. eBay ShopBot will then show you the fashion items that fit your size.

It also has the great collections that change based on the time of the year seasonal trends or the different events. It gets better around the holidays when you are trying to find the perfect present. eBay ShopBot has the gift guides for every kind of person in your life.

Once you find an item you like, you can select View Item to see the exact one. On the other hand, you can choose More Like This to see the similar options. Once you find the items that you are looking for, you can select Buy.

If you have already signed in, it will take you directly to the checkout page to complete your purchase. Select Confirm and Pay, then you will see an order confirmation as well as receive a confirmation email.

I have to say that eBay ShopBot is an easier and quicker way to shop just by chatting in your Facebook Messenger. The more you use eBay ShopBot, the more it truly becomes your personal shopping assistant. eBay ShopBot is getting better every day with more features and smarts in the works.

What are The Coupons and The Discount Codes on eBay?

If you are a regular buyer on eBay website, the coupons and the discount codes can help you maximize your savings for every purchase. You can get from 5 percent up to 75 percent discounts with these coupons with no doubt. And by doing so, you can save much money and get your favorite products.

Where to Get the eBay Coupons and Discount Codes

If you notice, eBay usually offers the coupons and discount codes on its website. You can click on Daily Deals tab on the homepage, and it will show you a number of amazing deals related to fashion, home improvement, beauty care, watch, as well as other special offers.


On the other hand, you can go to to look for the best eBay deals at this moment. This website always offers the most updated eBay coupons that can allow you to purchase the most with the lowest price.

However, for those people who do not know how to use these eBay coupons codes and discounts codes for your purchase, please click here (link in) and you can have the easiest instructions for yourself.

How to Buy the eBay Items

Do you know the easiest way to discover and buy all the things you want at this moment?

It does not matter what those things are or where they come from, eBay will bring them all together in one convenient place that is tailored to what you are passionate about. So, if you fancy the Italian fashion, eBay shows you all the latest selections from the Italian designers.

Some you have already known, but some you will discover. Sometimes, you can search for the music that you are falling in love, or anything vintage. How about technology? The selection is totally personalized to your interests and always up to date with the latest trends.

And when you find the perfect products, eBay makes paying for it easy and secure. Thanks to PayPal, your private information is never shared with anyone, not even the seller. So, whether you are buying from an avid collector in your city or a famous shop halfway across the world, your payment is always protected. And so is your item.

That is because eBay’s buyer protection covers every purchase you make from the checkout to the delivery. As a consequence, if anything does happen along the way, eBay will stand in your corner until the issue is resolved, which means all you have to do is to sit back, relax, and make your next discovery, wherever the journey takes you.

If you want to have the detailed instructions, you can see the article related to how to buy the items on eBay (link in). This article is going to show you the easy instruction step by step, which is going to help you get the things you love on eBay without any difficulties.

Do you Know the eBay Plus?

If you do not know about eBay Plus, I am going to give you some information about this program immediately. For $49 per year with a 30-day free trial, the shoppers will get the unlimited free deliveries on eBay Plus items. Also, you can have the free shipping on Plus items if you ever wish to return an item.

You will also get the continuous special offers and other deals from eBay Plus for the members. eBay Australia is the second country after Germany to offer eBay Plus. eBay Germany was the first to open eBay Plus back in October 2015.

With the introduction of eBay Plus, eBay is aiming to get more sales from the traditional brick and mortar stores. The stores often charge the online customers a set delivery fee until they reach a certain spending threshold.

Now in regards to who will be paying for this free shipping, as obviously nothing is free?

eBay says that eBay Membership Fee will fund a new delivery program rather than the thousands of sellers. eBay states that there is no incremental cost to the sellers at all.

As a result, eBay’s goal is to increase the local online retail spin to the higher rate. And of course, eBay Plus is used in the direct competition to Amazon Prime delivery membership, which also offers the free shipping.

Getting back to eBay Plus, the big bonus for the current Australian eBay sellers is that only Australian located items are allowed on eBay Plus. In other words, Chinese located items will not be eligible.

What Should You Know About the eBay Shipping?

The calculated shipping on eBay

First of all, I am going to talk to you about using the calculated shipping on eBay. The calculated shipping cost can help the sellers ensure your shipping for the best value and not losing any money. Therefore, before you list your items, make sure to take the photos and pre-package them.

Then, measure and weigh it fully packaged. Whenever the seller determines the shipping cost, it is very important to know the measurement of the actual shipment will be and what the weight of the packages is. This will help ensure the correctly calculating the cost of shipping during the listing process.

And this knowledge is very important to the buyers since you can calculate the shipping cost yourself. In particular, you need to find a point on the box from the bottom corner and measure the edges touching the corner. The large envelopes are measured the same way.

Weighing the items is pretty simple, but if your items do not fit on the scale, you can place a smaller item on the scale such as the roll tape, then weigh the item.

How to Return the Items on eBay

Can you return the items on eBay after getting the shipping?

The answer is yes. After getting the approval for the return request, you are going to have several options to return your items. But I highly recommend using the return shipping label. In particular, the eBay return shipping labels are the quickest and the most convenient way to expedite the return shipping for the buyer.

An eBay label is a great value as it is typically less expensive than the price you pay at the post office. Alternatively, if your business uses a preferred shipping carrier, you also have the option to upload your carrier label.

How to Return the Items on eBay

Step 1: Sign on eBay website

You should log in to your account on eBay. Go to My eBay at the top of the screen and click on Purchase History. On this page, you will see a list of all your recent eBay purchases.


Step 2: Choose the item you want to return to the seller

Find the items you would like to return and to the right of it, click on More Action. Then, select Return this item in the drop-down menu. If your items are defective or do not match the description in the listing, you will be covered by the eBay money back guarantee.


This coverage means you can often request a return even if the listing does not specify a return policy.

Step 3: Fill in the necessary information

From the next drop-down menu select the reason that you want to return the items. You can also add the comments or any photos you want to share with the seller. But please note that any photos may not be removed after your request has been submitted.


If you return your item to an international seller, you will need to make the shipping arrangements outside of the eBay label system. When you are ready to start the return, click on the Request a return button. You will now see a confirmation that your return request has been sent to the seller.

You will also see the date when the seller has to respond by. If your request is automatically approved, you will be able to print off your return label straight away. In some cases, you have to wait for the seller to respond to your return request as indicated on the screen before you return the item.

If you are returning the item to the international seller, you need to work with the seller to determine who is responsible for the return costs. You can see more details about your return at the bottom of the page. You can also add more photos to share with your seller.

Step 4: Check the status of your return request

After you have submitted your return request, you can check the status of your return by going to My eBay at the top of your screen. On My eBay page, find the item that you have submitted the return for and click on See return details button. This will take you back to the return details page showing the status of your return.



In summary, I hope that all of my sharing in this article will gain your understanding of the eBay coupons. Also, you can know more eBay benefits so as to maximize its features whenever placing an order there. However, in case you have any confusion or queries, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime.


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