The Future of the Smart Fitness Are Changing Our Lives

In the digital world, you can see various smart devices appear everywhere. It could be a smart phone, a tablet, a smart watch, a smart thermostat, a smart wristband, and so on. You even see this new trend in the gym center or other workout sessions. How can these smart devices work on your workout program? They could be hiding in your shoes, your T-shirt, etc. Welcome to the future of the smart fitness!

Invisible wearable

The latest trend for wearable fitness has been happened to other sports equipment or other technologies.

For instance, several smart watches have heart-rate monitors, GPS trackers, and burned calories count. It means that you do not need to wear a separate wristband anymore.

The natural process of this wearable technology is becoming separated device in some sport clothes (like smart shoes and smart bras), sport equipment (like a wristband), glasses, smart applications, and battery technology as well.

Last year, Under Armour – is a famous clothing brand launched several smart running shoes with tiny chips embedded in the shoes. These chips can wake up every time when you step. It can enhance the movement faster than 11 minutes per mile and it kicks off recording the activity using an accelerometer.

You even if receive a feedback on your consequences of how you practiced. The shoes are still washable and you do not have to charge as the battery life is more durable than the shoe life!

Let’s see another example and you will understand more about the visible wearable. Have you ever seen a smart sport bra? If not, then you should meet the OMsignal…!

The OMbra is invented smart bras for women when they go to the gym center and want to view their own measurement such as distance  of activity record, heart rate, breathing rhythm, threshold, etc. It could sync with a smartphone application or a tablet.


Virtual fitness technology

Devices which are more difficult to measure and point out are an incredible number of metrics will indubitably prove a strike with people who are dynamic and they have already fit a new “stream”.

Encouraging more people do more exercises on a regular basis is another challenging. However, a smart fitness can reduce this trend by inspiring them to take time to practice more.

Furthermore, the gamification of fitness will even encourage lazy people and busy persons. This follows the phenomenon of the Pokemon Go. The smartphone game requires gamers have to go outside, find, and hunt Pokemon in a real locations. This is a great idea to forget the desk and other tasks in the office temperately by walking around!

Another virtual fitness technology I want to show you is the Icaros VR fitness machine. You do not have to count lots of calories in a traditional way. You are flying or scuba diving somewhere under the sea!

Runners, on the other hand, can wear the smart glasses to see their virtual pacemaker running or jogging beforehand.

Other newest equipment technology

You probably live in a connected gym and house with several smart devices in the upcoming time.

A thermostat can adjust the real temperature instantly; a smart pair of shoes can count your steps in every mile, a smart watch can let you know when you should do exercise and the level you might adapt, a smart sport bra may monitor your heart rate and breath rhythm, a fitness tracker can gather health database, and so on.

You also see as smart fitness machine to encourage you do more workouts like you are playing a virtual game.

Or you will forget doing exercise by kayaking in a wonderful land or diving under the sea with corals and other species.

Also, you can establish the right exercises for your healthy condition thanks to some smart fitness equipment or by downloading various applications on your phones or tablets.

Simply, you enable to do your tasks in your computer while you are walking in a gym machine. You even set up your gym center in your home with some smart fitness devices like those.

A smart T-shirt also supports you how you do exercise or not, monitor your blood sugar level or heart circulation as well.

AI also does come anywhere in your devices and other smart systems through the voice control, virtual assistant, etc. You even do not put your arms on the smart device screen, you just saying! This will control the equipment thanks to the AI technology.

For instance, you may try to use personal coaching software which develops to capture database aside from wearable generated information.

Should you purchase the smart fitness devices?

Whether you are a fan of doing exercises at the gym or not, I think everyone should apply this wave in their lives. This will help you save lots of hours to do other importance tasks. Then, you can relax at a smart gym center or your smart house. The point is controlling the latest technology and the way you say hello to them.

Please bear in mind that you are a master and you can handle the smart machines. Do let these manage you!

Do not become a caveman and leave anything behind your life. Along with the smart fitness technology, you should also pay attention to your nutrition. This will make you are stronger than ever!

Nowadays, technology can live with us in several ways. It could appear at anywhere from your frequent household to other smart devices. And the smart fitness equipment can become versatile tools to help our health better in a unique approach.

I think these trends will be more popular in the forthcoming time and young users are willing to use those for the first time. Then, older generations will be convinced pretty soon. Do you train your mind to alter your lifestyle in this new ecosystem? Imagine that you are a health club operator and you can choose from a menu with many best services and smart devices as well. How will you feel about these?


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